Reward System

Reward System is an online school reward system and behavioural tracking system that ensures behaviour policy focuses on positivity, whilst maintaining consistent tracking of poor behaviour through communication and monitoring.

Using Reward System, schools can of track, communicate, refer and monitor behaviour events (both positive and negative). Consistent application of behaviour policy can build a culture and ethos of high expectations, positive reward and consistent, reported sanctions.

Nick Pyett

Nick Pyett

What can Reward System do?

Reward System can track good and bad behaviour, reports, homework, staff comments, weekly student improvement and staff engagment with the system. It also includes a Query function to report and analyse everything from the number of certain incidents, such as bullying, to the incidents of a particular form or year group.

Using a whole-school online reward system as the basis for what constitutes positive and negative behaviours is an effective way of consistently reinforcing the high expectations of behaviour and work ethic at both whole- school and classroom level.

Who is Reward System for?

Reward System is aimed at teachers, who can consistently apply and refer to the expectations of the standard of work; Pastoral leaders, who can proactively manage the quality of logs so that should engagement of external agencies be necessary for more vulnerable pupils; Senior Leadership Teams, who can ensure that schools implement these technologies school wide.

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